Crib Goch Ridge

Key information: Crib Goch Ridge

  • A fearsome scramble along a winding fin of rock east of Snowdon.
  • One of the greatest ridge walks in Britain.
  • Not for most of us, and never in poor conditions.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating86
  • Beauty36
  • Natural interest16
  • Human interest4
  • Charisma35
  • Negative points5
  • Total rating86

Vital Statistics

  • Length: Around 6km
  • Maximum Altitude: 1,065m
  • Level of Difficulty: Very Difficult


The fearsome Crib Goch knife-edge ridge looms to the north of the great bowl east of Snowdon. It is, along with the Black Cuillins in Skye, the most famous ridge walk in Britain. It is a demanding, ultra-exposed, frequently deadly scramble rather than a walk and is thought by some to be the most exhilarating “walk” they can do in Britain, by others a terrifying horror-show and for others simply not worth trying.

Do not even think of it unless you have a very good head for heights, and are an experienced scrambler or are with an experienced guide. And never in poor or uncertain weather.

The views are sensational in both directions, south across the huge Llyn Llydaw glacial gouge to the serrated ridge of beautiful Lliwedd, and north-east across the deep Llanberis valley to Y Garn and the Glyderau. It is staggeringly beautiful and exciting on the right day.

The ridge always needs to be walked east to west, ie up towards Snowdon. 

You begin climbing the northern branch of the Pyg Track from Pen-y-pass, turning right where the view of Llyn Llydaw lake appears, to start the hard climb then scramble up to high Crib Goch at the eastern end of the long ridge ending at the Snowdon shoulder, which winds westward as a narrow fin of rock with deadly drops on both sides.

Once Crib Goch itself has been dealt with, you struggle across Crib y Ddysgi and then make the easier climb to Garnedd Ugain, from which you drop to the main Snowdon summit ridge at the junction with the Pyg and Miners tracks.

An outstandingly exciting walk for the right person.

Some head for heights is needed, but this is not a dangerous or highly exposed trail on a clearish day. This is, though, demanding walking in sheer mountains with uncertain weather. Come fully prepared, and consider whether tackling it is sensible in poor conditions.

A truly worthwhile and delightful walk on a reasonable day. Not much point in low cloud.

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