Photography Prize 2011

We struggled to decide a winner among some great entries, not least because of their huge variety – from a dusty dawn road in India to the pristine beauty of New Zealand’s Tongariro Crossing in winter, to the flatness of the Namib desert, to a hawthorn tunnel in Wales.

Winner: Jamie Furlong, for Early Morning Herding, his hugely atmospheric picture of an early morning track on Majuli Island in India’s Brahmaputra River. He will receive £400.

Brahmaputra River


Runner-up: Abigail Latham, for her arresting image of New Zealand’s Tongariro Crossing in winter, from the Red Crater down toward the Emerald Lake. (Abigail also has the distinction of being on the long list for our Travel Writing Competition.) She will receive £200.



The other pictures on our shortlist were:

Anne Patterson, for her lovely Hawthorn Tunnel down to St Non’s Well in Pembrokeshire, UK, which was the favourite of some Walkopedia staff

Hawthorn Tunnel


Fabio Tomasetta, for his dramatic Trollveggen, Wild Fables from Scandinavia, taken in Reinheim National Park, Norway

Trollveggen, Wild Fables from Scandinavia


Jean McNeil, winner of our Travel Writing Competition, no less, for Johannes and Tsaurab, Damaraland Trek, Namibia, which captures the lush beauty of (unusual, except following exceptional rain) grasslands in the Namib desert.

Johannes and Tsaurab, Damaraland Trek, Namibia


Other favourites: we also particularly liked:
Jackie Bond’s View from the Deserted Village of Samaria, looking up the eponymous gorge in Crete

Deserted Village of Samaria


and Bernard Koh’s Poon Hill Sunrise, the most beautiful sunrise from his Annapurna Circuit trek

Poon Hill Sunrise, Annapurna Circuit trek


All these photos will be given a permanent place on Walkopedia, although we are currently dealing with a technical problem and will have to wait for that to be resolved, so this will take some time. But, search Walkopedia for the relevant walk in a few months’ time, and you will find your photo!

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