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Walkopedia encourages responsible travel


All walks/hikes have inherent risks and potential problems, and many of the walks featured on this website involve (or may involve) significant risks, dangers and problems. Problems of any sort can arise on any walk.

Potential risks and problems may include:

  • injury, harm or loss from accident, falling, cold, wet, heat, strong sun, altitude sickness, other illnesses;
  • attack by, or catching diseases, parasites or other organisms from, people or animals;
  • getting lost; and
  • delays or problems arising from the weather or other natural causes or human failures or actions.

This website does not purport to identify any (or all) actual or potential risks, dangers and problems that may relate to any particular walk or hike, not least because they may change from time to time and we are not in a position to monitor relevant issues and developments.

Any person who is considering undertaking any walk or hike should do careful research and make their own assessment of the risks, dangers and possible problems involved.


We are working to indicate an estimate of the difficulty of the walks in this website.

This has, however, necessarily to be a simply expressed estimate, in many cases based on information from third parties, which we are unable to verify. Our estimates assume a fit, healthy person who is young to early middle aged and not unusually susceptible to altitude or other relevant factors. If you are unfit, unhealthy or of advancing years, these estimates will not apply to you, and you will be likely to find the walks more difficult than we have estimated, and even risky for your health.

Subject to this, the ‘level of difficulty’ in walks pages should be interpreted as follows:

Very difficult: very tough and demanding, even for experienced hikers, often involving significant altitude, vertiginous heights, difficult weather conditions or other adverse factors.

Difficult: tough and demanding, often involving altitude, heights or other adverse factors.

Strenuous: you will be tired by the end of the day: often a day walk in mountains, but not involving extremes of altitude or the like.

Moderate: not a difficult walk, but requiring some exertion.

Straightforward: a healthy person should find it fairly easy.

Variable: can be done in a number of ways: some are likely to be harder than others, so do your research carefully to select the walk that suits you best.

Any person using this website must make their own careful assessment of the appropriateness of any walk to them and their circumstances, and should not undertake any walk which is unsuitable for them.


Walkopedia endeavours to provide accurate information. However, its information is often derived from third party sources, and we are seldom in a position to verify the correctness or completeness of information we are providing. Further, it will take many years to develop the information in this website, so much of the information will necessarily be incomplete; and we are not in a position to update information in this website, which therefore may be out of date.

Users of this website should therefore not rely on the information in this website as being correct or complete, but should make their own careful investigations about any matters that are of relevance to them, their circumstances and their plans.


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