Off Glacier Point Road

Key information: Off Glacier Point Road

  • A multitude of outstanding walks, many of which can be linked, off this road to the south of main Yosemite Valley.

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  • Maximum Altitude: 8,500ft or so
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Glacier Point Road climbs into the mountains south of Yosemite Valley, dividing to head east to Glacier Point and south to Mariposa Grove. Some of Yosemite’s absolutely finest walks begin off it.

Descend steeply to the beautiful bog of Mono Meadow (be ready for wet conditions), and on to a nearby viewpoint for the Clark Range, Mount Starr King and Half Dome. 3 mile round trip, 2.5 hrs.

Sentinel Dome: another of Yosemite's most thrilling walks, to another great granite dome with astonishing views of the Yosemite Valley. You can also walk from the same trailhead to Taft Point for further visual fireworks. And make a longer circuit of both. Both are short (2.2 miles), moderate round trips from Glacier Point Road, so popular, so there may be better walking options here – unless you make a longer day of it by say combining them with the Pohono or Four Mile or Panorama trails.

Pohono Trail: a 13 mile meander along/behind the southern rim of Yosemite Valley between the Glacier Point and Tunnel View, taking in some of Yosemite’s finest views – Sentinel Dome, Inspiration Point, and Taft Point en route. Most walk it in reverse.

From the McGurk Meadow Trailhead, you can walk out to Dewey Point (8 miles/3-4hr) for huge views; or to Bridal Veil Creek (4miles, 2+hrs). Not particularly tough walks.

Mariposa Grove: visit Yosemite’s largest group of Giant Sequoias on the Mariposa Grove trail out to Wawona Point (3.3 miles one way).

Hike up and out to lovely high Ostrander Lake. 11.4 miles (8hrs+) round trip. Strenuous.

Descend from Glacier Point back to the Yosemite Valley on the Four Mile Trail (actually nearly 5 miles), for a direct switch, back down, or on the 8.5 mile Panorama Trail for a longer exploration, with amazing views to savour.

This can be tough walking in high, remote mountains with uncertain weather. Beware thunderstorms, get off high ground, domes especially, if one approaches. Beware bears in backcountry. Come fully prepared.

Drive or come by hikers’ bus (good for non-circuit walks). There are excellent shuttle services in the park, including up the Glacier Point Roads, so you can make linear (non-circuit) walks. However, shuttles  make very limited stops, so you will need to plan getting to/from trailheads of linear routes carefully. See for the current situation.

A bigger group with 2 cars works. See our Yosemite page for more.

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