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Key information: Montserrat

    • Famous holy mountain and place of pilgrimage to the Black Madonna of Montserrat. The mountain has numerous sanctuaries as well as the famous Benedictine monastery.
      • Spectacular eroded rock formations, scenery and grand views.
        • Can be crowded, particularly on Sundays (can find quiet paths).

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating84
  • Beauty31
  • Natural interest14
  • Human interest12
  • Charisma30
  • Negative points3
  • Total rating84
  • Note: Negs: popularity; possible crowding.

Vital Statistics

  • Length: Variable
  • Maximum Altitude: 1,236m
  • Level of Difficulty: Variable
Montserrat: Montserrat - © By Flickr user ginsnob


For centuries, the sacred statue of the Black Madonna (La Moreneta) has drawn pilgrims to stunning Montserrat. Allegedly, La Moreneta was discovered in a cave after a group of children had a vision nearby. Although La Moreneta now resides in the Benedictine Abbey further up the mountain, the statue's original home is still easily accessible by walking from the Abbey.

Montserrat is a vast massif of conglomerate rock that has eroded into extraordinary cliffs, spires and buttresses to which cling shrubs and stunted trees.

There are a number of trails on the mountain, which ultimately lead to St Jerome summit and a 360 view of the Catalonian countryside from the coast to the formidable Pyrenees. While the famous sites can get overcrowded, particularly on Sundays, the large number of trails enables you to get away.

A perfect day would include the monastery, St. Jerome peak and a tramp of your choice around the mountain's less frequented formations, taking in a hermitage or a cave or two. It is possible to climb from the base of the mountain along the old pilgrims' route, although most visitors arrive at the monastery by cable car.

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Montserrat: Olesa de Montserrat - ©By Flickr user eldelinux

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Montserrat: Montserrat - ©By Flickr user mkpena

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