Volcan Antuco

  • Chile Patagonia: Laguna del Laja NP, Volcan Antuco, Volcan Antuco, Walkopedia
  • Chile Patagonia: Laguna del Laja NP, Volcan Antuco, Volcan Antuco, Walkopedia
  • Chile Patagonia: Laguna del Laja NP, Volcan Antuco, Hikers on Volcan Antuco, Walkopedia
  • Chile Patagonia: Laguna del Laja NP, Volcan Antuco, Volcan Antuco - Sierra Velluda, Walkopedia
  • Chile Patagonia: Laguna del Laja NP, Volcan Antuco, Volcan Antuco - waterfall, Walkopedia

Key information: Volcan Antuco

    • Climb to the summit of Volcan Antuco, an active (if, thankfully, quiet) volcano in the Laguna del Laja NP.
      • Clamber across sterile lava fields, up steep, hard slopes of volcanic stone and across areas of loose rocks and sand to reach this classic conical summit, with its stunning views of the deep blue waters of Laguna de la Laja and, just over the park?s borders, the snow covered Sierra Velluda.
        • This is a tough walk with various associated dangers, on which you may have to be self-sufficient. Come prepared, and if necessary consider hiring a local guide.

Walkopedia rating

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  • Beauty32
  • Natural interest18
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  • Total rating82

Vital Statistics

  • Length: Day or less
  • Maximum Altitude: 2,979m
  • Level of Difficulty: Strenuous
Volcan Antuco: Volcan Antuco - © Copyright Flick user nazgulhead


Volcan Antuco, with its almost perfectly formed volcanic cone rising above the waters of Laguna de la Laja, is the highlight of the compact Andean national park of Laguna del Laja. It is circled by a longer, 3 day, trek with some excellent walking (see our walk page here), but the shorter hike to Antuco?s peak provides outstanding panoramic vistas of the surrounding area ? stretching into Argentina to the east ? and of course the irresistible draw of summiting a volcano. 

All the way to the conical summit are changing views of the neighbouring Sierra Velluda, a constant contrast of non-volcanic, craggy and ice-covered slopes; directly below the multi-hued blues of the curiously shaped Laguna de la Laja, formed when flows of basalt lava from Antuco blocked the river, reflect the mood of the sky. 

Rising 2,979m from the shores of Laguna de la Laja, Volcan Antuco provides a challenging climb. Loose rocks make the walk a hard-going trudge for long stretches, and ensure you wear strong boots here, as the volcanic rock will shred light footwear. There are two main routes up; the best marked is steeper; the other has no trail to follow but provides a quicker and gentler alternative.

The former begins on the eastern side of the main lava field, around 4km from the ski village; the latter from near Los Barros, on the southwestern shore of the lake. 

Ice climbing equipment is likely to be necessary if you are climbing before mid-January, so bring crampons and an ice-axe. Be particularly careful around the glacier at the top. Snow on the ground can make the clamber across such a loose rock surface a little easier, but be aware of the dangers inherent in climbing in these conditions. 

For more information and photos, including detailed practical information and some warnings, see our Laguna del Laja NP walk page.


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Volcan Antuco: Hikers on Volcan Antuco - ©Copyright Flickr user turismolawal

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Volcan Antuco: Volcan Antuco - Sierra Velluda - ©Copyright Flickr user vikingsur

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Volcan Antuco: Volcan Antuco - waterfall - ©Copyright Flickr user deoxyt2.-lacamaradegas.cl...

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