Linzer Weg/ Sulzenhals

  • Austria The Dachstein, Linzer Weg/ Sulzenhals, Rottelstein from below Tor pass, Walkopedia
  • Austria The Dachstein, Linzer Weg/ Sulzenhals, Bischofmutze from Sulzenhals, Walkopedia

Key information: Linzer Weg/ Sulzenhals


  •  A superb traverse below the great southern cliffs of the high Dachstein in the uplands between Bischofsmutze and Rotelstein.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating86
  • Beauty34
  • Natural interest16
  • Human interest3
  • Charisma33
  • Negative points0
  • Total rating86

Vital Statistics

  • Length: 14km+
  • Maximum Altitude: 1,825m
  • Level of Difficulty: Strenuous
Linzer Weg/ Sulzenhals: © Bischofmutze from Sulzenhals


The mighty Dachstein, the eastern bastion of the Northern Limestone Alps, are a sheer crown of dramatic jagged peaks and cliffs rising to almost 3,000m on its south-western rim.

Linzer Weg/Sulzenhals (past of route 617) is the walk that Walkopedia really regrets missing due to an injury: a superb traverse below the great southern cliffs of the high Dachstein in the uplands between Bischofsmutze and Rotelstein.

Climb from Hofalm to the Hofpurgl Hut close in below the Bischofsmutze formation, then traverse eastward below the high cliffs on the Linzer Weg, for a fascinating, undulating walk across the high pasture and rock of the Rinderfeld, with superb views and drama, round to the high Sulzenhals saddle at 1,825m, for yet more visual magnificence to the east.

You can take in the cone of Rotelstein (2,247m) if you have the energy - it is worth it for the visuals. Then back down to Hofalm via the Sulzenalm.

14km without Rotelstein.

You can join this walk and the Pennerweg together for a marvellous long day below the great line of the high Dachstein cliffs.

If you are short of time or energy, you can just climb to the Sulzenalm for excellent views.

Have a look at TripAdvisor- you should get good, current views on places to stay, eat etc in the area.

Walking in Austria  – Kev Reynolds for Cicerone: more than 100 walks in the Austrian Alps, including in the Dachstein. As usual, an inspiring book, packed with valuable information, including good detail on the routes. As Austrian maps are good, it has less on each walk that some other Cicerones, but that is fine. Recommended. Find relevant books on Amazon.​

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