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Key information: Twentepad

  • Enjoy the fascinating scenery of the Twente district in the far east of the Netherlands. Hills, ‘bocage’ farmland, rivers, castles, horses and historic towns.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating83
  • Beauty29
  • Natural interest13
  • Human interest12
  • Charisma29
  • Negative points0
  • Total rating83

Vital Statistics

  • Length: About 84km/53 m
  • Maximum Altitude: N/A
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate

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Twentepad:  Peat moorland - © Hans Plas


Walk Summary

The Netherlands is much more varied that we ignorant foreigners often appreciate. As well as the classic canals, dykes, tended fields, windmills and tulips galore, there are woodlands, gentle hill country and quiet farmsteads to the east nearer the German border.

Our friends the Oranginas walking group of the Netherlands say:

“Enjoy the fascinating scenery of the Twente district, the castles, the mansions, the watermills, little rivers, the meandering Dinkel, a range of hills, unique nature reserves, the so called `bocage` landscape, historic Twente towns with their scenic authentic buildings, typical for this region, the oldest Romanesque church in the Netherlands…..
In contrast to the open landscapes of the west of the Netherlands, the east of the country is more enclosed.

The Twentepad is a way marked Local Path, covering the National “Landscape Park North East Twente”, in the - far - east of the Netherlands. This circular and regional path is created by the Stichting Wandelnet and it is possible to walk it in four days. The trail is marked yellow-red.

Total length: about 84 km/53 m.

Getting there: a flight to Amsterdam and the express train to Almelo (2 hrs., 150 km). The trail starts at the Almelo railway station.

Maps: the guide book Wandelgids Twentepad RP2 streekpad, with detailed topographic maps, scale 1:25.000, information about accommodation on trail and public transport (train, buses). Or buy one of the topographic maps in the shops, everywhere. Or: on the internet Wandelnet. €12,45.

Accommodation: see the guide book. Hotels, B&B’s, at the farm, private pensions, camping sites, whatever you want (to pay). Also possible: some “free” camping sites.

For more information about the trail, the landscapes, the culture, the photos, and a video please visit:

Thank you to the Oranginas for the information, and Hans Plas in particular. Also for the lovely photos. And to Marjin Bosma for the map. 

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Twentepad:  In the woods - © Hans Plas

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Twentepad: Dales of the Mosbeek (name of a spring stream) - © Hans Plas

Anyone planning an expedition to this place should see further important information about this walk.

Twentepad: Twente Kaartje - © Marjin Bosma...

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