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Jebel Toubkal Area - High Atlas: Toubkal Area, Morocco

3 day circuit

Walkopedia friend Mohamed (info@atlasandsaharatours.com) says:

The Arab Toubkal Jebel: is the highest point of the High Atlas as well as Morocco and North Africa with 4,167 m. It is located 63 km south of Marrakech, in the province of Al Haouz, inside the national park, which bears its name. The Toubkal massif is made up of rocks of various kinds. Dark volcanic rocks are found in particular on the summits of andesite and rhyolite. Glaciers have left characteristic marks of their passage in the form of trough valleys. During the glaciation, the current valley of Assif n'Ait Mizane (the valley of the Toubkal refuge) was occupied by the longest glacier in the Atlas. It was 5 km long.



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