Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps)

  • Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps): © Kudu Travel
  • Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps): © Kudu Travel
  • Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps): © Kudu Travel
  • Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps): © Kudu Travel
  • Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps): © Kudu Travel
  • Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps): © Kudu Travel
  • Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps):
  • Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps): © Kudu Travel

Key information: Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps)


  • Thrilling walking in these remote, tough mountains in remote, tough northern Albania (mainly), where peace at last reigns after an eternity of discord 
  • Beautiful scenery, an unspoilt environment and timeless villages contribute to really marvellous walking 
  • This is a tough walk in high, remote mountains, on which you will have to be self-sufficient. Come prepared.  
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Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating90.5
  • Beauty32.5
  • Natural interest14
  • Human interest12
  • Charisma32
  • Negative points0
  • Total rating90.5
  • Note: likely bad weather; heavy loads to carry

Vital Statistics

  • Length: Variable
  • Level of Difficulty: Variable
Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps): © Kudu Travel


Comment from community member Murray: 

Hi Team - I suggest the following as an outstanding walk: The Albanian Alps many options but here are two: 1) The Valbona and Thethi valley hikes [in the Accursed Mountains], and the connecting pass between them 2) The Peaks of the Balkans circuit thru the Albanian Alps (thru Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro) 

Walkopedia friends Kudu Travel do an excellent expedition which includes days in the Albanian Alps as well as a wealth of other walks and cultural exploration. 

Walks Worldwide describe this as a "rarely visited, wonderful yet remote area" that is not "anything like Europe as you would know it". 

The best known walk in the area is the Peaks of the Balkans Trail, which passes through Montenegro and Kosovo as well as this area. 

While day walks are doable here, a multi-day trek will get you into the best scenery. 

Have a look at Walks Worldwide's 2010 trip report, and the Guardian's 2012 account of a trip to the Accursed Mountains. Also see an excellent article by Tim Neville in the New York Times (actually about the Peak of the Balkans Trail, but with some useful background). 


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Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps): © Kudu Travel

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Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps): ©

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Accursed Mountains (Albanian Alps): © Kudu Travel...

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