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Welcome to our second attempt to cheer up a dark and difficult time for everyone - our Virus Antidote 2!  

We hope you find it cheering, hope-inducing and inspiring. Keep well, friends.

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Gurla Mandhata (7,649m) across Lake Manasarovar, Tibet, China                See More

Looking up at Imet Gogo Ridge, Simien Mountains, Ethiopia             See more

Classic view along Roman Hadrian's Wall, UK           See more

Along the Ordesa Canyon, Pyrenees, Spain         See More

Giant Cotopaxi, an active volcano, from a ridge on Ruminahui, Ecuadorian Andes            See more

Vast yet delicate.... Delicate Arch, Arches NP, Utah, USA           See more

The Mawenzi secondary peak, from the Kilimanjaro summit, Tanzania               See more

Across the Hunza River, Karakorum, Pakistan                            See more

Sunset, Dachstein, Austria                            See More

Series of lakes, inside the Arctic circle, Kungsleden, Sweden          See more


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