Grand Teton Loop

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  • Grand Teton Loop - Garnet Canyon - © Copyright Flickr User quaziefoto
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Key information: Grand Teton Loop

    • A more recent addition to the beautiful multi-day trails of Wyoming's Grand Tetons is the Grand Teton Loop, an amalgamation of the best sections from some well-known routes.
      • A stunning walk setting out in the scenery of the gentle Jenny Lake, the lovely Hidden Falls and the almost-magical Cascade Canyon, and trekking over high passes and along narrow divides down into the drama of Death Canyon, finishing with spectacular views of the Tetons from the Garnet Canyon Trail.
        • This is a tough walk in high, remote mountains, on which you will have to be self-sufficient. Come prepared.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating88
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  • Total rating88

Vital Statistics

  • Length: 52.5km
  • 4 days
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,288m
  • Level of Difficulty: Strenuous
Grand Teton Loop - down From Hurricane Pass - © Copyright Flickr User glennmolsen


The Grand Teton Loop is an amalgamation of sections of the best walks in the park, and an excellent option for a multi-day hike. Expect classic Teton scenery, stunning views, wildflower filled meadows, and some great wildlife.

Passing iconic Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point on the trail from Jenny Lake to Cascade Canyon, the trail then follows a section of the Teton Crest Trail back to Hurricane Pass and the textbook features of Schoolroom Glacier. Dropping down after the grand vistas of Death Canyon, the trail loops back to Jenny Lake, joining the Garnet Canyon Trail for much of the last day.

As with many walks in this area, the Grand Teton Loop begins with a boat trip across Jenny Lake. The trail to Hidden Falls and through Cascade Canyon brings you to a split in the trail (where the Cascade Canyon splits the range), and the South Fork heads southwest. About 3km on from here, look for somewhere to camp. This next section of the trail follows part of the Teton Crest Trail in reverse, from the junction with the Cascade Canyon back to Hurricane Pass and Alaska Basin.

The hike then follows the Buck Mountain Pass Trail to Static Peak Divide - narrowly the highest point at 3,288m - before descending steeply into Death Canyon, on the Death Canyon trail. At the entrance to Death Canyon lies the attractive Phelps Lake, and the trail passes its northern shore and Jumping Rock - a natural diving platform for any brave (or perhaps foolhardy) enough to leap into its freezing waters.

The last day is a rush across landscape carved out by glaciers long ago, through forests teeming with wildlife and past Bradley and Taggart Lakes. Eventually, the loop joins the stunning Garnet Canyon Trail, a popular route (especially with mountaineers) climbing steeply towards the Middle Teton, and follows it back to the Lupine Meadows Trailhead. From here it is a short 1.5km walk back to the east side of Jenny Lake.

Make sure you have backcountry permits for camping, and be bear aware! 

See our Grand Teton National Park page for more, including detailed practical information and a host of other walks

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Grand Teton Loop - Garnet Canyon - ©Copyright Flickr User quaziefoto

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Grand Teton Loop - Death Canyon - ©Copyright Flickr User Aram K...

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