Reunion Island

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Key information: Reunion Island

  • A fantastic variety of landscape, from lunar volcanoes to grand cirques to lush forest and beaches.
  • Wonderful scenery is enhanced by a huge variety of exotic plants and animals.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating86
  • Beauty32
  • Natural interest18
  • Human interest6
  • Charisma30
  • Negative points0
  • Total rating86

Vital Statistics

  • Length: Variable
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,070m
  • Level of Difficulty: Variable

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This island in the southwest of the Indian Ocean has a fantastic variety of landscapes, from lunar volcanoes and pitons (spires) to grand cirques and escarpments to lush forest and beaches.

Three huge cirques (ice-formed amphitheatres) have been carved around the 3,070m Piton des Neiges in an “ace of clubs” shape to give ludicrously dramatic walking.

Then wander around the active volcano Piton de la Fournaise, evidence of the violent activity that has produced this island in less than 3 million years.

Wonderful scenery is enhanced by a huge variety of thoroughly exotic (and many endemic) plants; numerous micro-climates, from subtropical rainforests to cloud forests to heath. Animals and bird life are also varied and fascinating.

Then, hit a beach for a well-deserved limb-bask.

The National Park is a World Heritage Site.

Claire de Lune Guesthouse in Cilaos is recommended.

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