Q'adisha Valley

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Key information: Q'adisha Valley

  • Walk along this imposing, mystical gorge in Lebanon.
  • A refuge for Christian monks for centuries, its cliff-faces are mined with monasteries, churches and cells.
  • A moving experience in dramatic scenery, with forests and ancient terracing among the cliffs and a rich bird population.

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  • Walkopedia rating92.5
  • Beauty31
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  • Human interest16
  • Charisma33
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  • Total rating92.5
  • Note: Neg: increasing tourism

Vital Statistics

  • Length: Half day
  • Level of Difficulty: Strenuous
Hermits' Caves - © By Stephen Barber


The following information is provided by Stephen Barber (many thanks!).

The Qadisha, or Holy Valley, is a deep gorge running approximately east-west in central Lebanon. This valley has been a key site of the Maronite Christians since the fifth century, and a place of refuge over many centuries due to its wild, inaccessible geography and its natural caves. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Many of the monasteries, churches and cells that line its steep cliffs are cut into the rock face. Each has its own animus; some are restored, some still retain an earthen floor and rough stone barrel vaulting. Outside, the air is alive with birdsong and hawks soar effortlessly on thermals rising from the valley floor way below. The steepest slopes between the cliffs are thickly wooded with pine, walnut, evergreen, oak and acacia, the less steep have been cut into terraces by generations of Maronite peasants, who still work the land by hand.

Walk the route eastwards between the monasteries of Qozhaya and Qannoubin, via the hermitage of Hawqa and the sanctuary of St Marina. A hermit, of Colombian origin, still occupies Hawqa.

At the head of the valley, just outside Bcharré, is a small but unique stand of ancient Cedars of Lebanon (the Cedars of God), some of which are said to be over three thousand years old.


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Books and Maps

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Books on this walk

Syria and Lebanon – Laura Dunston, Terry Carter (Lonely Planet)

Middle East – A. Ham, R. Wlodarski, J. Bainbridge, C. Soriano, J. Walker, A. Thomas (Lonely Planet)

The Dark Tourist: Sightseeing Unlikely Destinations – Dom Joly

Lebanon – M. McCrossan, H. Taylor (Globetrotter Travel Guide) 1847734774

Other books

From the Holy Mountain – William Dalrymple

1001 Natural Wonders You Must See Before You Die – Eds., M. Bright and J. Barrett

Lebanon, the Phoenician Pearl – J-P. Planquin

Lebanon: Cultures of the World – S. Sheehan, Z. Abdul Latif


Lebanon (Globetrotter Travel Map) – New Holland Publishers

Syria, Lebanon (Country Map)­ – Cartographia

Lebanon (Travel Reference Map)­ – International Travel Maps

Lebanon (Bartholemew World Travel Map)­ – C. Moore

Stanfords: www.stanfords.co.uk.An excellent (and user-friendly) online specialist source of worldwide maps (it is also good for guidebooks).

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Best times to walk/weather

Best times to walk

Spring and Autumn.


Very hot in summer, cold in winter.

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Route Map

Possible problems, health, other warnings

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  • Heat and strong sun. Carry enough water and protect yourself.
  • Heights: can be dangerous; not for those who have difficulties with heights.
  • Harmful animals, including snakes, stinging/biting insects and plants. Take all appropriate precautions.

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Other walks

Lebanon Mountain Trail, a newly-opened trail running north-south.

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