Mount Rinjani

  • Gunug Rinjani Summit - ? From Flickr user NeilsPhotography
  • Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake - ? From Flickr user BohariAdventures
  • View From Pelawangan - ? From Flickr user NeilsPhotography
  • Bridge on the way up Rinjani - ? From Flickr user NeilsPhotography
  • View on Rinjani - ? From Flickr user JosDielis
  • The Rinjani Crater - ? From Flickr user Habi
  • Mount Rinjani -From Flickr user Habi
  • Rinjani Photo Traveler's Note - ? From Flickr user Sektordua
  • Rinjani Photo Traveler's Note - ? From Flickr user Sektordua
  • Rinjani Photo Traveler's Note - ? From Flickr user Sektordua
  • Mount Rinjani Trip -fom Flickr user Habi
  • Sunrise on Rinjani - ? From Flickr user LiTTle-FooT

Key information: Mount Rinjani

  • Fascinating and beautiful trek up this active volcano, which dominates this Indonesian island.
  • A spectacular range of scenery, from the rainforests of its lower slopes to the cliffs of the huge caldera.
  • Both the mountain and its caldera lake of Segara Anak, 1km below the rim, are sacred to the local people, and you may encounter pilgrimages being made to the lake.
  • With the peak at 3,726m and tropical heat and humidity to deal with, this is a challenging walk.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating89
  • Beauty36
  • Natural interest19
  • Human interest2
  • Charisma34
  • Negative points2
  • Total rating89

Vital Statistics

  • Length: 3/4 Days
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,726m
  • Level of Difficulty: Difficult
© Rinjani Photo Traveler's Note - ? From Flickr user Sektordua


Mt Rinjani, the Indonesian island of Lombok's iconic 3,726m active volcano, with its enormous caldera created by vast eruptions, explosions and collapses, offers an exhilarating climb up challenging paths.

There are many possible routes, but the main trail heads from Senaru in the north, across the range and back down to Sembalun Lawang in the east (or vice versa).

Rinjani is Indonesia's second highest volcanic peak and also a holy mountain. Within its spectacular crater, a whole kilometre below its rim, lie the sacred waters of the Segara Anak lake. Pilgrimages by the indigenous Muslim Sasak and Hindu Balinese people, who hold it in reverence, can see many hundreds placing offerings of flowers and goldfish in the waters and seeking cures in the nearby hot springs.

 The walk (starting at Senarau) ascends at first through thick, ancient forest, then moves into grassy slopes dotted with pines; you may see groups of monkeys here. It reaches the crater rime after a long, humid slog. The view from the rim, at around 2,500m, down across the crater lake with its often smoking little cone, to the huge, sheer walls of the caldera, is outstanding.

The path then descends to the lake before climbing again towards the high peak. A night is usually spent on this hillside, followed by a tough clamber in the dark for the dawn view from the top. With clear skies, the views of the chain of islands and back over the caldera are stunning.

A long trudge can get you down, the same day, to a well deserved swim and cold drink.

Mt Rinjani isn't a technical climb, and most fit persons should be able to do it; however, it is tough and the altitude can be a problem for some.

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© View From Pelawangan - ? From Flickr user NeilsPhotography

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© Bridge on the way up Rinjani - ? From Flickr user NeilsPhotography...

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