Cavell Meadows and Path of Glacier Trail

  • Angel Glacier from Cavell Meadows Trail - © Flickr user mzagerp
  • Cavell Meadows trail - © Flickr user B Robinson60
  • Hoary Marmot in Cavell meadow - © Flickr user Dave Kuehn
  • Cavell Meadows Trail - © Flickr user Jeff Wallace
  • Cavell Meadows 3 - © Flickr user B Robinson60

Key information: Cavell Meadows and Path of Glacier Trail

  • A superb climb to a high viewpoint with astounding views.
  • Check out the fascinating foot of the Angel Glacier.

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Cavell Meadows trail - © Flickr user B Robinson60


This National Park in Alberta’s Rockies is home to some of the world's most beautiful mountain landscape. 

There are two linked walks here.

Path of the Glacier Trail: walk up the still-desolate former path of the Angel Glacier below Mt Edith Cavell to the greeny iceberg lakelet at the foot of this particularly beautiful glacier. 1.5km to the viewpoint. Although this is a popular walk, it is worth it for the stellar views.                     

You can head on down to the lake and admire (but keep back from) the ice caves.

Head on to the Cavell Meadows for a quieter time. 

Edith Cavell Meadows: a 440m climb past meadows and viewpoints and through lovely forest to the wonderfully beautiful flowery high Edith Cavell Meadows.

Close into the cliffs and ice of Mt Edith Cavell and with views of the Angel Glacier as well.

The Upper Viewpoint is worth the final tricky climb on steep shale to get to - vast, thrilling views await. 8km+, 3hrs there and back (more if add on Glacier Trail).

Check if any special permits are required to get into the Path of Glacier/Cavell Meadows trails.

This can be demanding walking in remote mountains with uncertain weather, and where bears are a risk. Come fully prepared.

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Hoary Marmot in Cavell meadow - © Flickr user Dave Kuehn

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Cavell Meadows Trail - © Flickr user Jeff Wallace...

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