Muktinath / Jomsom Trek

  • Above the Kali Gandaki Gorge - © Reggie Heyworth
  • Evening light from Kagbeni - © William Mackesy
  • Below Muktinath - © Reggie Heyworth
  • Below Muktinath - © Reggie Heyworth
  • Below Muktinath - © Reggie Heyworth
  • Unlovely Muktinath village - © Reggie Heyworth

Key information: Muktinath / Jomsom Trek

  • Teahouse trek up the Kali Gandaki Valley from the forests of the Nepali lowlands to to what is effectively the high, desert Tibetan Plateau near fabled Mustang. Finish at Jomson or a day on at the great Hindu complex of Muktinath.
  • This follows the ancient pilgrimage and trade route to Muktinath and Tibet (via Mustang) which is still trodden by some Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims.
  • Superb views of the high Himalayas from the slopes along the way, replaced by the brown plains and snowy skyline of the high plateau.
  • Move from the lower Hindu villages to the Tibetan Buddhist settlements of the high mountains, going on to reach the Muktinath temple.
  • A once popular trek, which brings its price: a popular route, although this has subsided since the road was built up the gorge, which is affecting the local culture and environment. You will have to walk on the road in places.
  • This is effectively the final third of the Annapurna Circuit or the Manaslu Circuit in reverse, although fewer people nowadays bother to complete this phase of these walks. You can fly or bus back to the lowlands from Jomsom -and can do this walk in reverse. 
  • This is a tough walk in high mountains, on which you will have to be self-sufficient and where altitude can cause problems. Come prepared.
  • Cicerone's "Annapurna: A Trekker's Guide" is the best book.
  •       See our Annapurna Region page for further detailed information and photos.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating94
  • Beauty34
  • Natural interest16
  • Human interest12
  • Charisma36
  • Negative points4
  • Total rating94
  • Note: Neg: popularity.

Vital Statistics

  • Length: 6 days (one way)
  • Maximum Altitude: 3,710m
  • Level of Difficulty: Strenuous

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Evening light from Kagbeni - © William Mackesy
Below Muktinath - ©Reggie Heyworth

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Below Muktinath - ©Reggie Heyworth...

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