Fairyland Loop

  • Fairyland Loop  - © sfgamchick flickr user
  • Fairyland Loop  - © sfgamchick flickr user
  • Fairyland Loop Desert  - © jpstanley flickr user
  • Fairyland Loop Trail, Bryce Canyon  - © WalshTD flickr user

Key information: Fairyland Loop

    The Fairyland Loop is an absolute classic, an 8 mile loop, descending deep into this weird area.

    Wind through extraordinary formations, in what will feel like a psychedelic experience.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating94
  • Beauty36
  • Natural interest18
  • Human interest4
  • Charisma38
  • Negative points2
  • Total rating94
  • Note: Neg: Heavy use in higher seasons

Vital Statistics

  • Length: 8 miles
  • 3 hours
  • Maximum Altitude: around 2,600m
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Fairyland Loop Trail, Bryce Canyon  - © WalshTD flickr user


Bryce Canyon boasts some of the world’s most extraordinary scenery: an extensive area of brightly hued sandstone carved into a series of deep and huge amphitheatres in which sit an unimaginable profusion of spires, towers and other excrescences called hoodoos, and arches and other formations, all enhanced by gorgeous colour and texture contrasts. 

The Fairyland Loop is an absolute classic, an 8 mile loop between Fairyland and Sunrise Points on the rim (descending into Fairyland Canyon, then Campbell Canyon, finally climbing back to the rim), then returning on the Rim Trail to Fairyland Point. Wind through extraordinary formations, in what will feel like a psychedelic – nay psychotropic – experience.

The trail winds delightfully down the flanks of the high rim, and on, on ridgetops and in valley bottoms, into the depths of the Fairyland Canyon. The landscape is outlandish from the moment you step out over the rim. 

The brilliantly engineered trail then climbs the western flanks of the canyon, rounding a point below insane hoodoos to start a memorable traverse of the Campbell canyon’s upper slopes, amid endlessly thrilling scenery. Gradually descend to view the very peculiar London Bridge arch.

Then it an hour’s ascent, up a well graded but at times wearying trail, beside and below weird and wonderful formations, to the rim at Sunrise Point. 

Return to the start along the Bryce rim, with endlessly thrilling views, both near and to colourful cliffs in the far distance.

It does involve a lot of ascent/descent. Likely to take 3 hrs or so rim-to-rim, including view-watching and photography. The Fairyland can be joined some other walks to create a longer day. 

Water is in very short supply. Bring lots.

For more information and photos, including practical information and some warnings, see our Bryce Canyon walk page.

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Fairyland Loop Desert  - ©jpstanley flickr user

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