Offa's Dyke Path

  • Offa"s Dyke - The bank and ditch - © William Mackesy
  • Offa"s Dyke -  - © William Mackesy
  • Offa"s Dyke -  - © William Mackesy
  • Offa"s Dyke -  - © William Mackesy
  • Offa"s Dyke -  - © William Mackesy
  • Offa"s Dyke -  - © William Mackesy
  • Offa"s Dyke -  - © William Mackesy
  • Offa"s Dyke - Autumn berries - © William Mackesy
  • East from Hatterrall Ridge - © William Mackesy
  • From Hatterall Ridge - © William Mackesy
  • North along Hatterall Ridge - © William Mackesy
  • To Hatterall Ridge looking down on Llanthony - © William Mackesy
  • East from Hatterrall Ridge - © William Mackesy
  • Hatterall Ridge - © William Mackesy

Key information: Offa's Dyke Path

  • One of Britain's great long-distance paths, running beside the ditch-and-bank defence built be Offa, the late 8th century King of Mercia, along the ridges of the Welsh border.
  • Gorgeous views of rolling hills, farmland and the sculpted treeless ridges of the borderland mountains (British definition).
  • Walk between inns and hostels in pretty country villages and towns.
  • Drop down to the castles and beautiful ruined monastic buildings of this ancient border countryside.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating84
  • Beauty30
  • Natural interest13
  • Human interest12
  • Charisma29
  • Negative points0
  • Total rating84

Vital Statistics

  • Length: Variable
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Offa's Dyke -  - © William Mackesy


The remarkable Offa's Dyke was built by Offa, king of Mercia, in the late 8th Century as a ditch-and-bank defence against marauding Welsh tribes. It formed a fairly brief frontier between his kingdom and the wild lands to the west.

Offa's Dyke Path follows - not always exactly - the course of the Dyke from the resort of Prestatyn in North Wales to Sedbury Cliff overlooking the Severn Estuary near Chepstow, some 275 kms (177 miles) south.

It is invidious, with a path so consistently beautiful and interesting, to select "best" sections - but Walkopedia never shirks its task, so here goes:

  • Walkopedia's favourite walk in the Black Mountains has to be the fantastic Hatterrall Ridge , the long (11 or so miles) ridge from the ancient hill fort above Pandy to Hay Bluff above Hay on Wye. This is the easternmost ridge of the Black Mountains  and accordingly has huge views across the green beauties of western England, as well as westward over the beautiful Vale of Ewyas to the range's central ridges. The ridge is both the England-Wales border and possibly the finest stretch of Offa's Dyke Path. You can walk the entire ridge in a longish but not difficult day, or create a circuit (which manages to combine the charming and the dramatic) from tiny Capel-y-Ffin or the atmospheric ruins of Llanthony Priory in the Vale of Ewas, climbing onto Hatterrall Ridge to join Offa's Dyke Path for a way before circuiting back.
  • The section from Knighton to Montgomery follows magnificent ridges through the beautiful "mountain" section (British definition); the dyke is at its best here - well preserved, with both the dyke and ditch in a splendid state for much of its course. This is said to be because the Mercian capital of Tamworth (north-east of Birmingham) was east of here and this was an area [of easy access along] the ridge paths.
  • The high, moorland ridge near Kington has wonderful views over the surrounding countryside. Popular and can get a bit crowded.

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Offa's Dyke -  - ©William Mackesy

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Offa's Dyke -  - ©William Mackesy...

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