Feizor Thwait and Smearsett Scar

  • Ridge north from Smearsett Scar - © William Mackesy
  • looking west - © William Mackesy
  • Lonely tree - © William Mackesy
  • Lonely tree in rock pavement - © William Mackesy
  • Fern in rock pavement - © William Mackesy
  • another Lonely tree in rock pavement - © William Mackesy
  • North over central dry valley  - © William Mackesy
  • Central dry valley - © William Mackesy
  • 9 year old boy - © William Mackesy
  • On Smearsett Scar - © William Mackesy
  • Old bridge in the Ribble at Stainforth - © William Mackesy

Key information: Feizor Thwait and Smearsett Scar

  • A good specimen of an easier but fascinating walk.
  • Cross the classic limestone upland of Feizor Thwait (think grasslands and limestone pavements), pop up Smearsett Scar for big and truly panoramic views. Descend into lovely Ribblesdale.
  • Come prepared for possible bad weather, any time of year.

Walkopedia rating

  • Walkopedia rating87.5
  • Beauty31.5
  • Natural interest16
  • Human interest9
  • Charisma31
  • Negative points0
  • Total rating87.5

Vital Statistics

  • Length: 1.5 hours
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate
Central dry valley - © William Mackesy


A good specimen of an easier but fascinating walk, taken by Walkopedia at the suggestion of Roger Moss.

Climb from Back How Brow on the A65 north-west of Settle on the western Dales edge, where the differing rocks can be seen each side of the main road, onto the classic limestone upland of Feizor Thwait (think rough grasslands and limestone pavements), with huge views west and down onto the lovely dry ""Happy Valley" below Smearsett Scar and a section of mysterious Celtic walling.

Drop into said valley, turn east and cross a low ridge, first nipping up Smearsett to the north to enjoy further big views west over lower Lancashire, northward to Ingleborough and Pen-Y-Ghent and east across Ribblesdale.

Descend into Ribblesdale to enjoy the fine if popular Stainforth Force downstream of the soaring arch of an old pack bridge. A really satisfying 1.5 hour walk.

You could continue after a picnic on the South-east of Stainforth [link later] walk.

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Lonely tree - © William Mackesy

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On Smearsett Scar - © William Mackesy...

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