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Kackar Massif

Kackar,  Turkey

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  • Crossing the Pyrenees
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 Vital statistics

Maximum Altitude: 3,932m
Level of Difficulty: Strenuous

Key information: Kackar Massif

  • Circle or cross the magnificent main Kackar massif, with its broken peaks, wild ridges, glaciers, baless, meadows and deep valleys.
  • Camp in wonderful sites, often alone. Climb 3,932m Mt. Kackar to gain huge views of the range.
  • These are tough walks in high, remote mountains: be prepared.



Walk summary

The Ka?kars? central massif contains its highest mountains, and arguably its finest scenery, and a huge variety of walks, from day explorations to classic (Top 100) multi-day circuit and traverses.


The ?standard? circuit can be done in 6 days, or extended as desire and circumstances dictate. Continued with an Altiparmak Traverse, it can make an unforgettable fortnight.


Various crossings can be devised, the best known being the two day route from Yukan Karron to Olgunlar.



See our Kackar Mountains page for detailed practical information.



This page is at an early stage of development. Please help us by making suggestions and sending photos! Thank you!

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