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  • The Aiguilles Rouges; Tash Rabat
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 Vital statistics

Day or less
Maximum Altitude: Around 3,800m
Level of Difficulty: Strenuous

Key information: Cuzco Ruins Trek

  • This trek meanders around Cuzco's environs taking in some of its greatest sites: temples, monoliths, and classic Inca masonry and terracing.
  • Perfect stroll for acclimatizing to Peru's altitude, before attacking one of the myriad - and higher still - Inca Trails.
  • While lower and less strenuous than Peru's longer distance treks, this is still a high walk (Cuzco itself is at 3,360m), and so can be uncomfortable or more. Come prepared.

Walk summary

This day hike starts with the great temple at Sacsayhuaman, then leads on to the sacred stone agglomeration of Qeno, the monolith at Salpunco, the Inca fort at Puca Pucara, and finishes at the spring site at Tambo Machay with its terraces and walls. There is a map of this route in the Trailblazer guide.

The route can be walked in reverse, which will be easier for new arrivals as it is mainly downhill - and because you can take a taxi out to the furthest point and walk back into town.

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See our Inca Trails page for detailed practical information and links to more walks in Peru.

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Responsible travel matters, a lot. How you travel will make a real difference - for better or worse. PLEASE consider this when making plans. Read more