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Leshan Grand Buddha

Sichuan,  China

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Note: Negs: Excessive crowds

 Vital statistics

2 hrs
Maximum Altitude: N/A
Level of Difficulty: Straightforward

Key information: Leshan Grand Buddha

  • The giant (234 ft) Buddha of Leshan, carved into a cliff during the Song Dynasty, more imposing than beautiful, stares out over the swirling waters of the Minjiang river.
  • Take a boat over to his base (a family can picnic on his big toenail), then climb up beside his vast torso to the pretty park on top of the hill.
  • Walk back through the park, then along a typical Chinese outskirts road (intense activity and interest, but little that is technically pleasing to the eye) to the intriguing old walled town of Leshan, then wind back through its streets to the watergate by the river, which you may recognise from that wonderful film, The Kings of Masks.
  • The Grand Buddha is famous and the crowds can be huge. Look on then as part of the experience.

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Leshan Dafu -  - © William Mackesy

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Guidebooks/maps/background reading

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Section in Southwest China Lonely Planet: good information and basic map.

Section in Southwest China Off the Beaten Track by K. Mark Stevens and George E. Wehrfritz.  Nice hand-drawn map. (1988 now out of date.)

Section in Sichuan Mary Holdsworth for Odyssey Guides.  (1992 also out of date, but good depth and quality of information.)

Section in China Rough Guides.

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Not needed.


Best times to walk/weather


Best times to walk

Generally thought to be Spring and Autumn. Summer in Sichnan is often likened to a furnace.



For detailed weather information, have a look at: www.worldweather.org or www.bbc.co.uk/weather/world/country-guides


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Bus from Chengdu is the usual way to get here, or a shared taxi.


Foreigners will need to pay an entrance fee.


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Heat, humidity and strong sun in summer. Carry enough water and protect yourself.

Health risks: This is a relatively undeveloped country, and you will not get prompt medical help of a standard available elsewhere if you become ill. Come prepared, including getting all appropriate inoculations/medications.


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Most people do this walk independently.


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A lot of varied accommodation in and around Leshan. See the guidebooks for ideas.


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There are few websites with particularly good information. Try:

        www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leshan_Giant_Buddha has starter information and some good photos.


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Other walks

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        Jiuzhaigou and Huanglongsi

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Leshan Dafu -  - © William Mackesy

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Leshan Dafu -  - © William Mackesy

Responsible travel matters, a lot. How you travel will make a real difference - for better or worse. PLEASE consider this when making plans. Read more